Eye Movement Research




Our laboratory uses an infrared sensor device to measure eye movements for basic research as well as golf and basketball studies. Specifically, the device measures the infrared reflection from the limbus (white/black boundary) portion of the eye.  As the eye rotates, more or less light is reflected, and the reflected signal provides a quantitative measure of the eye movement.  In recent years, we have combined the measurements of eye, head, and putter motions in our golf putting studies, and eye, finger, wrist, and elbow motions in our basketball free-throw studies. Accelerometers were used for all motions other than the eye. In addition, a radio frequency wireless technique was been used to record these motions and send them to a receiver attached to a laptop computer.


A subject's eye movement responses to sinusoidal target changes in depth at various frequencies (Hz, right of traces) is shown in Fig. 1.  The model simulation responses the same target changes are shown in Fig. 2.


Fig. 1 Fig. 2



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