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Sports science has become a very popular means of addressing specific questions posed by athletes concerning the bodys forces and actions during athletic motions.   It has, for example, provided valuable information about the golf swing and physical forces impacting on the golf ball.  It has also been used to study kinematics of the basketball free throw motion and the physical forces acting on the basketball.   Our laboratory has used a wireless technique to measure eye, head, and putter motions during the golf putting stroke, as well as the eye, finger, wrist, and elbow motions during the basketball free throw.  The results from experiments on a number of subjects has provided valuable insight into the correct eye, head and body motions during the golf putting stroke and the basketball free throw.  Significantly, the device developed in our laboratory can be used in the field to provide immediate feedback regarding these sensory and motor processes.   Analysis of the recorded signals provides a quantitative basis for understanding the correct fixations of the eye and positions of body.  Finally, and most importantly, they help to improve the athletes performance and the enjoyment of the game.


Eye, head, and putter movements during the golf putting stroke


             Basketball Free Throw



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